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Statement of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Danylo Lubkivsky during a briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center
01 April 2014 15:35

Let me start by recapping the most important events of the last two weeks. 

First. Ukraine signed the EU Association Agreement. 

No aggressor can change that. 

Second. The UN General Assembly voted on Ukraine’s resolution. 

Even under Russian pressure the UN overwhelming majority refused to put up with trampling down the international law. 

Third. The Government announced the program of reforms. 

The budget is cut. The government will be downsized. The taxation will be streamlined. The new IMF stand-by program is envisaged. 

The new economic policy encompasses anti-monopoly measures, deregulation of economy and improvement for investments. 

We switch from one economic philosophy to another. 

Our choice is very simple: free market over mobs, corruption and criminal economy. 

The Crimean crisis is not only about Russia’s imperialism and chauvinism. 

This is about criminal economy that rules Russian politics and invaded Ukraine. 

Our choice is very simple: freedom over dictatorship. 

Last Friday President Obama and President Putin discussed the crisis. 

On Sunday Secretary Kerry and Minister Lavrov met in Paris. 

No real dialogue is possible without Ukraine. 

This a clear message from the international community to Russia.

This is a clear message from Kyiv to Moscow. 

Such a dialogue does not override the fact that the Russian aggression and annexation of Crimea are not and will never be accepted. 

Foreign Minister Lavrov gave two extensive interviews. 

He said: Russia doesn’t like many things about Ukraine. 

It doesn’t like the way Ukraine is built. 

It doesn’t like the way Ukraine thinks. 

It doesn’t like the way Ukraine speaks. 

It doesn’t like the choices Ukraine makes. 

Minister Lavrov is known for his hard style. 

Including his signature phrase, “Who are you to lecture me?” 

Minister Lavrov, peoples and countries do not like to be lectured. 

Kremlin perceives everything around to be against Russia. 

This way of thinking has severely poisoned the whole Russian society.

Russian suggestions clearly reflect that state of mind. 

They offer an imminent federalization of Ukraine. 

To divide and rule - this is a sense of their position. 

We say “no”. No federalization of Ukraine. 

We say “yes” to the local governance reform. 

Our reform will bring powers to people. Each citizen will play a real role and will have a real responsibility in the local community.

They say, “Protect minority rights”. 

However, they do not care about any minorities, since there is only one official language in Russia where dozens of nations live together. 

Russia is a federation only on paper.

Its democracy is a bad performance. 

We call Russian authorities to show a strong political will and provide their regions with real powers to protect their people against poverty, mismanagement, corruption. 

We call Russian authorities to stop unacceptable violation of human and minority rights. There are more than 5 million of Ukrainians in Russia. With not a single Ukrainian school. With not a single official Ukrainian paper. With not a single Ukrainian TV or radio station. 

We call Russian authorities to pay special attention to the clear evidences of fascism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism, widely spread in that country. 

This matter should be closely considered by the international organizations.

Stop and think. 

This is what the whole international community tells Russia. 

Russia should stop aggression, blackmailing and lecturing others with no moral right to do that. 

Russia should come to constructive and responsible position. 

No one decides the fate of Ukraine, but the people of Ukraine. 

I thank you.

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